Anti-trust, Anti-truth

31 01 2007

Joel Klein, the third-rate lawyer/political hack who is in charge of the government’s Microsoft persecution, recently tried to rationalize the lawsuit by saying that it was in keeping with the long history of consumer protection regulation, beginning with the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890. In reality, the history of antitrust has been a history of politically-inspired witch hunts launched against America’s most innovative and entrepreneurial businesses.


Monopoly Government

9 12 2006

Two events during the third week of May proved once again that antitrust regulation is nothing but a scheme to divert the public’s attention away from the real monopoly menace in society: the state. The first event was a phony “predatory pricing” lawsuit filed by the Antitrust Division of the US Justice Department against American Airlines for cutting its prices in response to stiff competition by lower-priced competitors.