Rock the Non-Vote, Part Two

25 03 2007

I’ve often been mistaken, as I would guess most published writers have, about the level of response a particular article of mine will elicit. There have been times when I was convinced that some column would really strike a chord with readers, only to receive almost no feedback after its publication. On the other hand, I have written pieces that I feared were too esoteric or obscure to draw much interest, but whose public debut elicited a flood of comments.




2 responses

12 11 2008

I seriously doubt that what you have written is something a thinking person such as yourself actually believes.

We have now seen what capitalists, left to their greedy, one-dimensional actions lead us too. And who was their to “bail them out”? The State. Without a central mediating ‘body’ of regulation systems – including cultural and social systems – cannot survive the incessant dash for competing necessities and predatory gangs of “free” power managers.

Anarchy is for narcissists and/or middle class white guys who have been shielded for “free” roaming private interests…

A “natural”, emergent and sustainable anarchy would be called communism (in the purest, non-statist, non-existent form).


2 01 2011

Michael, you have a different view of social reality.

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