A Libertarian Theory of Secession and Slavery

8 12 2006

Professor Tibor Machan, in his “Lincoln, Secession and Slavery” (6/1/02) has taken the position that while secession in and of itself is unobjectionable to the libertarian, it cannot properly be applied to political jurisdictions which practice slavery. For, if secession rights were allowed to slave owning countries, it would in effect be to justify kidnappers absconding with their victims. He applies this perspective to the United States, circa 1861, and concludes that Abraham Lincoln, for whatever his faults, and Machan concedes they were many and serious, is still “a good American.” Why? This is because he was justified in stopping the Confederate (slave) States from seceding, even though, Machan again stipulates, stopping slavery was no part of Lincoln’s motivation.





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9 12 2006
Positive Liberty » Blog Archive » Machan And Block on Secession

[…] Back in 2002, Tibor Machan published a brief article regarding the Civil War, and lately, Walter Block has commented on it. I think both writers make some errors. Let’s start with Machan: […]

26 12 2006
Black Bloke


12 12 2012
Response to Questions on Libertarianism | Flyover-Press.com

[…] here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here for my publications on this subject. I was delighted to have spoken in Australia, mainly […]

1 02 2014
Reply to the Scurrilous, Libelous, Venomous, Scandalous New York Times Smear Campaign | distributedfreedom

[…] Block, Walter E. 2002.  “A Libertarian Theory of Secession and Slavery,” June 10; http://www.lewrockwell.com/block/block15.html; https://libertariantruth.wordpress.com/2006/12/08/a-libertarian-theory-of-secession-and-slavery/ […]

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